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Hi & Welcome to the Nubiq Blog

Posted in Welcome Message on September 26, 2006 by nubiq

Nubiq Ltd. is a leading Mobile Internet services, consulting and product development company. We focus on filling the gap that exists today between the consumer and the mobile operator and promote mobile communications to the wider market. We believe all users can avail of the Mobile Internet to advertise, promote, network and bring communities together.
Nubiq’s pilot product zinadoo allows end users to create their own mobile websites and build a series of mobile services around their site to promote and enhance their community. Our products are easy to use from both your PC and your mobile phone.

Enhancing and Promoting Local Communities

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Nubiq Ltd. is uniquely positioned to support mobile operators’ needs to increase data services revenue and to participate in the coming boom in mobile data services.

It does this by offering end-users an opportunity to extend their desires for sharing, communicating, networking and socialising to the mobile domain; and by offering mobile operators an opportunity to reap the benefits of the resultant new and innovative content and services created by end-users, by offering them through their mobile Internet portal.

Nubiq Ltd. will also benefit, as the enabler in the value chain, through revenue shares on value added mobile services (SMS, MMS, LBS, i-mail, video), and will also generate revenue through tiered service levels, advertising and data mining.