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Posted in Nubiq Events on February 23, 2007 by nubiq

Last week we attended 3GSM with .mobi to demonstrate  . It was a tough week on  a stand for 4 days but it was great to gather even more reaction from users and people who work in the industry. Much to our delight feedback was really positive. We got loads of new suggestion for new features to the site. Although our next release concentrates on adding more advanced features to the site designer we gathered lots of more suggestions.

We’re working hard to get all these new features out the door and with so much to do we want to prioritise on what our users really want on So if there is a feature you would like PLEASE email us on .


.Mobi Domains on Zinadoo

Posted in Product Updates on February 23, 2007 by nubiq

Well you all know that on Zinadoo you get  free domain. But lots of you might want your own unique address-  so now you can purchase your .mobi domain e.g., all on Zinadoo. Then this unique address will  point towards the mobile site you created on Zinadoo.

 For those of you that don’t know about .mobi it’s the domain name for mobile websites. So if you have a .mobi domain for you mobile website here’s what it promotes:

1. The site address states that the site is specifically designed to be viewed on a mobile device

2. Due to .mobi’s enforced standards the site isn’t going to cost a fortune to download on a mobile phone.

3. Again due to .mobi’s standards the general user experience when navigating the site is going to be pretty good.

On Zinadoo all sites created are fully .mobi standards compliant (test your Zinadoo site on ) so users who purchase their own .mobi domain on Zinadoo don’t have to worry about setting up the site OR the site being .mobi compliant.

Any feedback on the purchasing progress or anything in general is welcome 😉