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10 Steps to Creating a Great Mobile Site

Posted in Uncategorized on May 18, 2007 by nubiq

Here are 10 steps to help you create a great mobile website on Zinadoo:

  1. Colour scheme your site,
  2. Add relevant pictures to your site,
  3. If you place a map on your site then opt to have it scale to fit the site visitors mobile screen,
  4. Create different pages for different topics,
  5. Place a link to the home page on every page in your site,
  6. Link to relating mobile sites or your friends mobile websites,
  7.  Add the “Click to dial” feature so your friends or customers can call you at the click of a button from your mobile site,
  8. Add click to email pages: “call me”/”email me”/”Feedback”,
  9. Optimise your site for search by assigning site description and keywords to your site,
  10. Don’t keep your site to yourself SHARE it!!!! … send a text invite, post a site emulator to your blog/MySpace account, email your friends about it!

Now you can enter your site into our site of the month competition 😉


Zinadoo Gets Blogged

Posted in Press on May 18, 2007 by nubiq

Hi – just a quick update re the press coverage..we’ve been covered by those clever guys in Readwriteweb. (March 30 2007 Top Irish Web Apps) Many thanks to David who contacted us about it.
and also Charles Knight who likes our Zinadoo service. He included us in the 55 Piece Mobile Search Tool Kit way back in February of this year. He still included Zinadoo in an updated larger 85 Piece Mobile Search Tool Kit in April 2007.

We have also been covered extensively by the gals in GoMo news – hi Bena! They like Zinadoo: “the point of Zinadoo is to focus on developing new communities and encouraging non-believers to create and develop their own WAP sites by providing free, simple to use online tools. Then members can invite friends and colleagues to the site and replicate a kind of mobile-only MySpace on .Mobi.” Jan 25 2007 They even have their own mobile space;

I will post another update to the Nubiq blog when I have more time!

An All New Zinadoo!

Posted in Newsletters on May 10, 2007 by nubiq

Hi all

We’ve been really busy this month giving Zinadoo a whole new look! Not only that but we’ve added lots of cool new features too … and it’s all still for FREE! Site of the month competition is kicking off this month too, so check out this months nominee sites!

More info below!

Zinadoo Updates:

Want to be able to customise your mobile site to your own taste, with different fonts, colours etc? Want to be able to have customers/friends contact you at the click of a button from your mobile site … now you can; all on Zinadoo… What will we do next 😉

Check it all out on!

Zinadoo Gets a Makeover!!

We’ve just revamped Zinadoo and given it a whole new fresh look. So let us know what you think! Not only that; but now you can browse other mobile sites too and we’re giving you lots of ideas on what to do with your site!

Site of the MonthSite of the month wins a FREE .mobi domain. This month’s nominee sites are:


To vote for your favourite Zinadoo site click here  To find out what makes a great mobile site check out our Zinadoos and Zinadonts. Then email us on: to enter your site to win a .mobi domain!

Have fun!

The Zinadoo Team  

.Mobi domains Reach 500,000

Posted in Uncategorized on May 4, 2007 by nubiq

MTLD’s .mobi announced this week that they’ve reached the landmark 500,000 domain sales. Not bad considering they only ended thier sunrise period 8 months ago. Domains have been registered in 114 countries and it was estimated a month back that about 17% of these .mobi domains have actual content behind them. Showing a healthy market for Zinadoo.

 With announcements like this the migration from the PC to the mobile internet looks iminent. With .mobi, Zinadoo, MobiSeer (and many more) supporting and upholding easy, cheap and quick mobile browsing experiences people are realising the benefits of anywhere anytime internet access.