10 Steps to Creating a Great Mobile Site

Here are 10 steps to help you create a great mobile website on Zinadoo:

  1. Colour scheme your site,
  2. Add relevant pictures to your site,
  3. If you place a map on your site then opt to have it scale to fit the site visitors mobile screen,
  4. Create different pages for different topics,
  5. Place a link to the home page on every page in your site,
  6. Link to relating mobile sites or your friends mobile websites,
  7.  Add the “Click to dial” feature so your friends or customers can call you at the click of a button from your mobile site,
  8. Add click to email pages: “call me”/”email me”/”Feedback”,
  9. Optimise your site for search by assigning site description and keywords to your site,
  10. Don’t keep your site to yourself SHARE it!!!! … send a text invite, post a site emulator to your blog/MySpace account, email your friends about it!

Now you can enter your site into our site of the month competition 😉


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