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Zinadoo European Trials

Posted in Zinadoo Trials on June 21, 2007 by nubiq

We are going to be starting Zinadoo trials in Europe over the coming months. So stayed tuned and we will update you over the next couple of weeks!


Who is using Mobile Web?

Posted in Mobile Web, Zinadoo Mobile Portal on June 13, 2007 by nubiq

So far we have had Zinadoo running since September 2006 and have seen a very interesting uptake in mobile websites. It started off with the early adopters, mostly techies who all liked it but wanted some advanced, cooler features in there. So we started to expand the product and our user base. Now we are seeing uptake all over the world (thank you Google Analytics) but our user base is quite varied. We see a lot of business sites, personal sites, clubs and societies. On the personal sites, it’s not necessarily the social networkers either, I think it’s an older/more mature audience ( not wanting to offend anyone) 🙂

People are using the site to put up information about themselves, their family, their interests and their business. I have to say most of our sites now are small to medium sized business, probably because it’s a free tool with free hosting! So when you consider what people pay for website design and creation, I reckon Zinadoo is a pretty good offering! although we will always accept donations if anyone really wants to put a monetary value on it…

 some sample sites, created yesterday on Zinadoo

Next – Version 4!

Posted in Product Updates on June 1, 2007 by nubiq

So we’ve had a really great reaction to the new zinadoo, and of course we’re delighted! So thanks to everyone. Check out some of the recent blogs about zinadoo:

  1. Tom Raftery
  2. Paul Golding
  3. Russ McGuire

We’re already working on the next feature set for zinadoo and it’s all based on what YOU have asked for. So soon we might post some of the ideas we’ve recieved and you can tell us what you think.