T-Mobile Web’n’Walk Zinadoo Trial

Nubiq have partnered with T-Mobile, the Netherlands to run a trial of the Zinadoo service in conjunction with their Web’n’Walk service. The focus of this trial is to work with T-Mobile and you, our trial participants to improve and grow the Zinadoo service. 

Nubiq, the company responsible for Zinadoo, is working towards making mobile Internet services mainstream by enabling everyone to have a mobile Internet presence. According to a recent study, 17% of the US and U.K. markets browsed the mobile Internet in January of this year. That is a positive growth in mobile Internet usage, but worldwide the market continues to be hindered by a number of different factors: 

  1. Slow download speeds.
  2. High download costs.
  3. Difficult mobile site navigation issuing from both poor handsets and mobile website design.

The challenge for everyone in the mobile Internet value chain is to break down these barriers to entry. In turn it is also essential to reverse the negative stigma surrounding the mobile Internet and educate consumers that the mobile Internet IS easy, user friendly, functional and won’t cost the earth! 

For Nubiq, we are working with like minded organisations such as T-Mobile, who are also working towards overcoming these issues and promoting mass mobile Internet usage. With services such as “Web’n’Walk”, T-Mobile have had the foresight to offer their customers the real Internet on their mobile handset for flat rate data fees.  

With such close alignments it is an obvious choice for Nubiq to partner with T-Mobile, the Netherlands. Starting on the 16th of July, Nubiq’s mobile website creation tool Zinadoo, will be offered to not only Web’n’Walk subscribers but all mobile subscribers in the Netherlands, completely free of charge. Participants will also get the opportunity to use the many text and sharing features on the Zinadoo service. The objective here is to establish what mobile Internet services consumers really want and in turn to help to grow and improve the Zinadoo service.

Now it looks like the era for the mobile Internet is upon us. As Nubiq continues to grow and improve services we see the partnerships with like minded organisations in this mobile Internet eco-system vital to the continued growth of the industry and our company.  

As the trial gains traction we are looking forward to hearing any feedback on the service that you have. So please feel free to use this forum as a means to interact and share ideas with us and other trial participants!


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