July Newsletter

Hi Zinadoer, 

This month in Zinadoo the team are continuing to work hard to bring you more Zinadoo updates. Soon we’ll be adding a “Guestbook” feature to the site; then anyone visiting your mobile site will easily be able to post messages onto your guestbook page, so you get to interact with your mobile community!  

We also have our second mobile site of the month winner and we’ve nominated four new mobile sites! 

So congrats to our mobile site of the month winner: mobileme This month’s nominee sites are: 

  1. http://wmpgradio.zinadoo.mobi/
  2. http://upperchurchdrombane.zinadoo.mobi/
  3. http://absolutely.zinadoo.mobi/
  4. http://webfriki.zinadoo.mobi/

 Don’t forget to check out your mobile site statistics from the “My Site” tab in your “Portfolio” page, so you can find out how active your mobile site is!  

For all you bloggers, website owners, MySpacer’s out there, did you know that you can mobilise and promote your mobile site on these web spaces? By using our “Publish to MySpace” feature located on the “Sharing” page you can share your mobile site with your online community too! 

Have Fun!

-The Zinadoo Team


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