Go Get Mobile!

Welcome and thanks to everyone for joining our T-Mobile Web’n’Walk Zinadoo trial! 

As many of you know by now; this trial is open to all people in the Netherlands and the service is completely free for the two month duration of the trial. 

Your feedback throughout this trial is really important to Zinadoo and T-Mobile’s shared commitment to improve and grow the Zinadoo service. So we are using this blog as a forum to gather your feedback and get some discussion going on the Zinadoo service. So please feel free to post comments and reviews! Also; we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes out to complete our pre-trial questionnaire.  

To get you started we thought we’d give you an overview of some of the things you can do on Zinadoo: 

  1. Create your mobile website and design it to your own personal tastes with different fonts, colours, images etc.
  2. Add interactive features to your mobile website! Add a page where your friends easily post messages to your mobile website, create a page that your friends can email you from, have your mobile site visitors call you from the site at the click of a button, and lots more!
  3. When you are happy with your mobile website publish it and add relevant keywords; so that your site can be found in the mobisphere.
  4. Share your site by text with all your friends. Send a “Text Invite” from Zinadoo to all your friends so that they can visit your mobile website at the click of button.
  5. Check out other mobile websites by going to http://zinadoo.mobi on your mobile phone.

Now go get mobile!!!



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