Nubiq pitch to the Experts

Last week Nubiq were one of the 7 companies pitching to the Wireless Advisory Board that came over from USA and Canada to meet a number of Irish companies and offer advice and wisdom.

The sessions were arranged by Enterprise Ireland and are set up to help Irish companies get into the US market abd to learn from a group of people who have been there already.

We used it as an opportunity to ask for feedback, from some really experienced guys ( no ladies there this year!!), on our value proposition and marketing plan. We had the ears of people like Trevor Healy, Michael Duffy, Jason Devitt, Jon Bukosky , Kieran Hannon and many more great names from the world of consultancy and serial entrepreneurs.

We had a couple of sessions beforehand with David Taber who worked with us to refine our presentation and message and brush up on presentation skills – an excellent workshop.

We were in good company with companies such as Changingworlds, S3, Sentaca, Yougetitback, Cubic Telecom and Openet.

A great experience and not just for early stage companies, as you can see from the list above, a mixture of companies all at different stages in their development.

So a big thanks to all invovled in organising the event and to the members of the Board. It was a great experience and one I hope we will be invited to do again.


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