2007 Roundup

2007 has been a very active and successful year for Nubiq. We’ve worked really hard on refining our company value proposition, making connections with the right partners and developing our overall business and marketing strategy. All the while; constantly updating our existing product and service portfolio.This approach, to constantly evolve and refine Nubiq’s strategy, will continue into 2008 and beyond. So here is a look back at our success in 2007 … and here’s to another, even more successful, 2008. 

Nubiq Highlights, 2007  

DecemberNubiq Joins the Paddy’s Valley Crew

Nubiq heads to Silicon Valley with the rest of the Paddy crew. The trip included meet and greets with Facebook, Yahoo, Social text and more! Nubiq had a very successful trip, receiving first place in the trips Venture Capital pitching competition.

Nubiq Partners with T-Mobile the Netherlands

Nubiq’s mobile site creation service, Zinadoo is made available on the T-Mobile mobile portal in the Netherlands and will soon be available on their Web portal.


Nubiq Partners with O2 Ireland

Nubiq announces a link up with O2 Ireland, and now Nubiq’s free mobile website creation tool can be found on the O2 Active mobile portal.


“Mobile advertising in a dotMobi World” MAG Whitepaper

With key contributions from Nubiq, the dotMobi Mobile Advisory Group, Mobile Advertising positioning paper and whitepaper, is published. It covers a wide spectrum of hot topics in the Mobile Advertising space. Download the paper at: http://advisorygroup.mobi/mobileadvertising/whitepaper.pdf


Nubiq Launches Mobile Directory & Discovery Services

Nubiq launches a Beta release of their second product, a mobile directory and discovery service, offering guaranteed mobile content to users worldwide.


T-Mobile Zinadoo Trials

Nubiq partner with T-Mobile, the Netherlands to run a trial of the Zinadoo service in conjunction with their Web’n’Walk service. The focus of this trial is to work with T-Mobile and trial participants to improve and grow the Zinadoo service.  


Nubiq Launches completely new version of Zinadoo.com  


Nubiq becomes dotMobi domain Reseller

Through a partnership with Hostway UK, Nubiq becomes a reseller of dotMobi domain names.


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