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2007 Roundup

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2007 has been a very active and successful year for Nubiq. We’ve worked really hard on refining our company value proposition, making connections with the right partners and developing our overall business and marketing strategy. All the while; constantly updating our existing product and service portfolio.This approach, to constantly evolve and refine Nubiq’s strategy, will continue into 2008 and beyond. So here is a look back at our success in 2007 … and here’s to another, even more successful, 2008. 

Nubiq Highlights, 2007  

DecemberNubiq Joins the Paddy’s Valley Crew

Nubiq heads to Silicon Valley with the rest of the Paddy crew. The trip included meet and greets with Facebook, Yahoo, Social text and more! Nubiq had a very successful trip, receiving first place in the trips Venture Capital pitching competition.

Nubiq Partners with T-Mobile the Netherlands

Nubiq’s mobile site creation service, Zinadoo is made available on the T-Mobile mobile portal in the Netherlands and will soon be available on their Web portal.


Nubiq Partners with O2 Ireland

Nubiq announces a link up with O2 Ireland, and now Nubiq’s free mobile website creation tool can be found on the O2 Active mobile portal.


“Mobile advertising in a dotMobi World” MAG Whitepaper

With key contributions from Nubiq, the dotMobi Mobile Advisory Group, Mobile Advertising positioning paper and whitepaper, is published. It covers a wide spectrum of hot topics in the Mobile Advertising space. Download the paper at:


Nubiq Launches Mobile Directory & Discovery Services

Nubiq launches a Beta release of their second product, a mobile directory and discovery service, offering guaranteed mobile content to users worldwide.


T-Mobile Zinadoo Trials

Nubiq partner with T-Mobile, the Netherlands to run a trial of the Zinadoo service in conjunction with their Web’n’Walk service. The focus of this trial is to work with T-Mobile and trial participants to improve and grow the Zinadoo service.  


Nubiq Launches completely new version of  


Nubiq becomes dotMobi domain Reseller

Through a partnership with Hostway UK, Nubiq becomes a reseller of dotMobi domain names.


Nubiq; One Year Anniversary

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Last month marked the one year anniversary of Nubiq. The last 12 months have been a really exciting and busy time for us here in Nubiq. We have seen our company grow from strength to strength; with two product launches, eight new product updates, and several strategic partnerships with companies in the mobile Web industry. 

The launch of Nubiq in September 2006 also marked the release of our first major product –; a free mobile website creation tool. Since then Zinadoo has accumulated thousands of users from across the world; we have conducted pan-European trials of the service with 5 mobile operators; undergone six new product updates and a complete revamp of the service. The latest Zinadoo update included global SMS support and  the launch of “Zinadoo Mobile”, which provides users with the ability to create a mobile website from their mobile handset; taking the mobility of the service one step further.  

By offering a mobile community of users that increases mobile browsing and opens up new revenue generating streams, Zinadoo has already proven to be an attractive package for Mobile Operators, or anyone wishing to extend their Web based community to the mobile space. For our users, the service is still FREE and we keep adding new features to the service, making Zinadoo the easiest tool to use on the market today. 

In July Nubiq partnered with T-Mobile in the Netherlands to conduct a trial of Zinadoo in conjunction with their Web’n’Walk service. The trial was a huge success and demonstrated the massive appeal of new data services in the Dutch market. Closer to home, we also partnered with O2 Ireland. You will now find a link to Zinadoo on the O2 Active mobile portal, opening up a new world to all O2 subscribers who wish to create their own mobile presence in a matter of minutes. 

Nubiq have also launched two more services -MobiSeer and Nubiq Professional Services. With so many people accessing the Web from their mobile handset now, it is hard to know what websites have been optimised for the mobile Web. With MobiSeer you can bookmark all your favourite mobile websites and then view them from any mobile device.  

Throughout the year Nubiq has worked closely with the dotMobi Mobile Advisory Group (MAG). Working with like minded organisations such as dotMobi and other companies involved in the MAG we have finally setting some standards and guidelines around how we develop for this space and how we can make it a better experience for the end user.  

Over the next year Nubiq will continue to bring you new and innovative mobile Web services and will have many more exciting announcements to make over the coming period!

– Helene Haughney, Nubiq CEO